Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We may be clinically crazy.

Rob and I are thinking of selling our home and moving.  In this crap market, we may be able to break even...which would be a good thing, I suppose.  We had a friend who is a realator come by and check out our digs to see what we need to do to spruce up the joint before we attempt to put it on the market.

The crazy part?  We are thinking of just picking up and moving westward.  We live on the east coast, and want to move out to the Seattle area.  Seattle has been my dream, and now Rob has the lust in his heart too. 

This is all on the down-low,, so ssssshhhhhh.  I am not even mentioning this to my family, especially my mother, until we actually either sell this joint or have the moving van loaded up and are ready to roll.  I don;t need anyone shitting on my dream or quilting me into staying since the almost my entire family lives within a 60 mile radius.

Rob came up with this plan to sell then rent to save money on what we have been forking over in mortgage payments.  We can cut it by half, which we can use to pay down our debt so we can one day soon buy another house.  The plan was devised at 0400 on Saturday morning, he told me at dinner on Saturday night.  I was ready to roll 5 minutes after we talked about it.  THAT is the addict in me.  We love chaos, crave it, because that is how our minds work.  My therapist had a field day with this idea, but she didn't shit all over it...which was nice.

So now.  Now I am ready to purge my home of clutter and extraneous crap.  I am consigning almost 300 items at a big sale this weekend.  I walked around the house, looking for things not nailed down to get rid of.  So now I am really inspired to purge, given that movers like to charge by the pound.  Rob might find himself sitting on flimsy outdoor furniture soon.


  1. I still think you should move near me...still west coast...just sayin' I'm still holding out some hope!

  2. lol...Dannie, you never know. For now, we have decided we were absolutely crazy, and are staying put. Thankfully we didn't mention a move to anyone in the family. :)