Monday, September 12, 2011

A day of near bliss.

So tired from the night before, I took 1.5 sleeping pills and was knocked out good and cold from 2300 until 0800.  Woke up nice and refreshed, and found that Rob was about to go wake Cam up. 

Me:  "Dude, do not wake that baby up.  Are you insane?!"

Insane DH:  "NO.  She's slept for 13 hours."

Me:  "So fucking what.  If you wake her, I will kill you."

He may have walked off pondering my last statement/threat, but he didn't go near that door.  WHO WAKES A SLEEPING BABY?!?

Cam finally got up at 0900 and we headed out to find a tasty breakfast...which is not hard to do in a beach town.  Stuffed, we came back, loaded up and headed to the pool.  I have found that my loathing of sand has only gotten worse with age, and watching a 19 month old throw and smear sand in her own face is too damn nerve-wracking for me to handle.  So while I dragged half the contents of our condo to the pool, Rob took Campbell down to the ocean to play in the sand before heading back to the pool where I had set up camp.

Great thing about this place?  A jungle gym right on the beach!  Rob tuckered that kid out enough that we got an hour, possibly less at the pool before we needed to head back and feed Cam some lunch.

Right now there are 3 out of four occupants sleeping soundly in the condo.  The rest of the afternoon?  Headed to the boardwalk for the world's greatest fries...Thrashers, and every other kind of junk food you can imagine.


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