Monday, September 26, 2011

They need to get on that.

Facebook really needs to focus on creating an app, or whatever, to block all football talk. 

I used to be a football fan.  Owned all the paraphernalia.  Went to a game every year.  Then I started to get a little sick to my stomach, each year, progressively more and more... thinking about the money behind it all.  And the shameless players.  And the in-your-face rooting AGAINST your team. 

Last year I bought Cam a jersey for her father's team, and one for my own.  My ingrained love of football was finally trumped by my old-lady values.  Sigh.  So, my jerseys have gotten tagged for sale at the next big consignment sale (next week!).  Rob can dress her up this year, but I won't be buying her any more gear.

Which brings me back around to the obnoxiousness that is the football bragging and taunting on FB.  Instead of this "unsubscribe to_______", I need to be able to unsubscribe from any and all sports talk. 

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