Sunday, May 1, 2011

I like the way he thinks.

Having not bitched enough about the fascist HOA, I took my screed to my peeps on Facebook.  I had a few friends empathize and send curses upon the HOA, but one friend was quite helpful.  She mentioned that the HOA has no authority to tell me where I can hang Cam's unmentionables. 

So, I turned to The Google.  Indeed, this friend was right!  My fair state passed a law last year banning the bans on clotheslines.  Got that?  They banned the ban.  So, now I am devising, in my mind, the biggest goddamned clothesline a town home community has ever seen.  Rob is still chuckling in amusement.  I wonder if he will still be chuckling when I hand him the blueprints.

I went back to Facebook a few minutes ago, another very helpful friend suggested that I print out the bill that was passed, banning the ban, and tape it to each neighbor's door.  Heh.

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