Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's because of ALL the mothers.

It's Mother's Day (duh).  Last year was my first mother's Day, and I was probably too sleep deprived (HA!  my auto-correct chose "depraved" before I changed it.) to care what day it was, because I have zero memory of it.  This year I am very much aware of the day, because I FINALLY achieved something I dreamed of since I was a very small girl.  I am a mother, and it is the title I wear most proudly.

I also wear it because of someone else's sacrifice.  I wouldn't know the complete joy (frustration), happiness (anxiety), and devotion (I want to run away, weekly) I have in my life if Cam's first mom didn't make the choice she did.  So I honor a woman I have never met by loving her child with everything I have.

Wherever N. is today, I hope that she is happy, healthy, and knows that she is loved.  Knows that no matter what, she will always be a mother to Campbell, even if she doesn't get to mother her little girl like I do every day.


  1. Hope your Mother's day was joyful.

  2. I thought of my daughter's mother a lot yesterday, too. She abandoned my daughter when she was just 18 months old. So much pain as a result of her actions, but without her there would be no Princess!

  3. Thanks Dannie....I hope yours was too!

    Last's hard to reconcile that very poor choices on someone else's part brought me the greatest joy I've ever known. It also worries me, because one day I will have to tell Cam the whole truth, as I know it.

  4. Hrmmm....I posted back to you guys, and saw it a few days it's missing. Blogger? What hath thou done with my words???