Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fight the power!

 For the last month I have been putting a small rack outside with about 12 diapers and inserts on it.  Last night we got a letter from our HOA to cease and desist.

We live in a small town home community (about 20 units).  I am beyond pissed.  We have until June 30th to quit it, or my DH says they can sue.  I completely get why we have a HOA, and why we have standards, because I don't want to live in a dump, but seriously.  A small rack of diapers.  The irrational little person inside of me wants to send a letter to each of my neighbors asking which one has a problem with my diapers, so I can go over and kick some narc ass.

Last night I was ready to go door to door, and light a match.  That letter, and Rob standing there laughing as he read it out loud, as I was elbow deep in rinsing diapers, made me see red.  You see, I have an awful temper.  Maybe it's the Irish.  Maybe it's righteous indignation.  More likely it's that I am shithouse crazy, and feel the need to lash out at the HOA, because other areas of my life seem to be spiraling out of my control.

So, this morning, bright and early I stuck my rack out there.  And will continue to do so until June 30th.  And I seriously dare anyone to say something to my face.

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