Friday, May 20, 2011

A new chapter.

A month or so ago Rob and I attended an informational session on foster care.  I have had the itch to do this for many years, and we are finally in a place where we can move forward on this dream.  We've had the application packet but had to wait on sending it in because we needed to have physicals done on all of us.  Cam's was the last one, and done yesterday.  I made copies of everything last night, got out an envelope and started to address it to our local DCFS office.

It was then that my tendency to be a tad bit OCD came out.  I was completely and utterly sure that the postal service would fuck up the delivery of our application.  I was also convinced that if I didn't personally hand my application to a live body, our application would end up in bureaucracy's Bermuda Triangle.  So I woke up this morning, put the application on top of my keys and went about my mad dash to get Cam ready to go to her Grandparent's house for the morning.  I am barreling down the road when I realize I left that fucking application on the counter.  My real-live ADHD screwed me again. 

Came home put the envelope with my keys, phone, purse, AND shoes.  It occurred to me I should call and make sure I could drop it off in person.  Got the okay, so when I picked Cam up from Grandma's we headed straight to DCFS.  Soon as we went in the door of that place my super-anal-retentiveness antenna started twitching.  The lady behind the desk barely said "Huh?" as I stood there with my application.  Told her I was dropping off said application.  "Who's your worker?"  What I wanted to say was "How the fuck should I know lady, I AM APPLYING to get that privilege".  Instead I said "we don't have one?  We only attended the inform.-"  when she cut me off and snatched the packet.  "I'll make sure she gets it."  As she dropped it on a stack of other papers. 

I stood there staring at her for a few moments.  Long enough for her to start staring back.  I pussed out and left.  What I wanted to do was ask for a receipt.  Having served in the Navy, and repeatedly seen what low-level bureaucrats can do with paperwork, my confidence is very low.  Odd that I never felt this way when dealing with our adoption agency. 

So.  A new chapter in our lives may be opening.  It's a start.  Exciting and scary at the same time. 

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