Friday, January 21, 2011

This little human blows me away.

Cam is now an upright member of society.  The kid walks now.  It's been months of cruising the walls, furniture, our legs. This monring I came down to find Rob gushing that our little baby is now proving that she is a baby human.  :)

Now if I could just get an action picture or some video...


  1. he he he....hope every corner has a soft edge...seriously, Tigger (L) my baby that I hover over, has never had so many head bruises and scrapes as in the past 2 months since she started walking. At least you're home. I'll admit it makes me greeen with envy....can't wait for my 10 weeks off in the summer.

  2. I wish I could put a helmet on Cam. I wince every time she starts lurching towards anything but the sofa and the coffee table (nice foam padding on it). Don't be too envious, I will be heading back to the working world just as soon as I find a job. Sigh.