Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More firsts, but not the kind you'd really want.

Cam has sustained two injuries this week.  First, while Rob was making breakfast for Cam, he heard a thud.  He came out to find Cam sitting back up, not crying, but a welt under her left eye.  Since he gets up with her every morning, I didn't notice it until we were sitting in play group.  It's almost a shiner, but not quite.

Then today.  Poor child was sitting happily on the floor after lunch.  I was trying to roll the highchair back into it's spot, when I nudged Cam with my foot.  NUDGED.  She was in the process of going from sit to crawl, when all of the sudden she started screaming bloody murder.  And then I saw the blood.  Holy cow, my baby child was bleeding!!  Picked her up to comfort her, and got a look-see:  seems her bottom two teeth split her bottom lip.  The kid has big, luscious beautiful lips, and now I have marred them.  The overwhelming guilt as my baby sat whimpering and chewing on a cold washcloth.  She calmed very quickly, but every time I look at her lip I feel just awful. 

 It's a good thing those social worker visits are over with.

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