Monday, January 17, 2011

Of course she does it for him.

Cam took twelve long steps today!

This stay-at-home-mom was with her ALL day (as noted int he job description, yo).  Rob comes home, I take the opportunity to go to the bathroom (by myself!) and clean a cloth diaper.

"HONEY!!!  Come here!!!"

I am standing at the sink, gloves on, dripping diaper....stuff.  Can't exactly run out to see.  By the time I get out there, he is breathless with joy.  "Our child walks!  Wooooooooo!"

I call bullshit on your timing Cam.  Complete bullshit.


  1. what is it with men? Mine did it in front of grandpa! (you know single mom here) seriously? whatev.

    Congrats on Cam walking!

  2. lol...already trying to impress the opposite sex? Oi vey!

  3. Haha, I love it! Also, I came here via your siggy link, so I'm a fan ;)

    Lastly, is it weird that I take a little joy in hearing my usually PG-rated cyber friends saying things like "bullshit?" haha!