Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ten months today.

Cam is 10 months old today.  Seriously, time has flown by and I cannot believe my little Babycakes is two months away from being a one year old.  It defies all sound and reason just how fast time goes when you have a baby in the house.  Except those first four, god-awful, sleep-deprived months.  The kid wears 10 months pretty well:

And thank-you Gap for having your fleece 50% off yesterday, because really, there is nothing cuter than a baby in a one piece fleece outfit with ears on it.  Except maybe one with footies.

So Happy 10 months little Babycakes.  You bring immeasurable joy, wonder, and contentment to your Mama.  Even when you decide that when I am carrying you under your arms and you don't like it to go completely limp, I still think you are the Bee's Knees and the Cat's Pajamas.  And no, that day last week when you swirled your little hand in the dirty toilet water and I picked you up, and you proceeded to thrust your hand in my face, I am not budging on the fact that you delight me even at your worst moments.  But Dixon (boy Pug) would like it if you would stop yanking him by the collar to chew his tags, and if you would throw more food on the floor.  Zelda (girl Pug) would appreciate it if you would stop trying to eat her food and swim in her water bowl.  You must be doing something right with the cats, because last night we couldn't find Alabama, until I peeked into your room, and saw her curled up next to you sleeping in the crib.  Clarence loves you because you let him steal food from your highchair tray.  And I am pretty sure Daddy gets up every morning with a smile on his face, because he knows he gets to spend the best part of your day with you, before Mama can drag her insomniac-ass out of bed in the morning.  Please keep clapping, chattering, clucking your tongue, pivoting on your knee, bouncing your head to the music, loving your broccoli, and grunting and hip-thrusting when you don't like something.  Please stop standing in the tub and giving me small heart attack after small heart attack and hating on your car seat.  those things get old.  But most of all, please don't ever stop being my lovey, snuggly little Munch.  Mama loves you.

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