Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cloth diapers

Somewhere along the adoption time-line I decided cloth diapering would be a great idea.  I am not sure what I envisioned, but I am pretty sure it wasn't trying to figure out exactly what Cam had eaten to cause the particularly stubborn stain I just got done working on. 

I actually really enjoy cloth diapering.  I feel good about not putting another diaper on our already teetering landfills, and I don't really mind scrubbing shit stains out of diapers.  Saving $$$$ is kind of a bonus too, and really got Rob on-board with wrapping Cam's ass in fuzzy, soft fleece. Cleaning the diapers is kind of a zen experience for someone like me, a Type A personality with a touch of OCD about cleanliness.  I have spent many hours researching the best diapers, ointments that don't stain or repel, what detergents to use, what stain sticks don't work, and what diaper won't leak, leaving my baby a clean, contented, gurgling ball of cuteness.

Many people cloth diaper to save money, but I will let you in on a dirty little secret:  people that cloth diaper exclusively, become addicts.  Their "stashes" (seriously) are extensive, and they talk about them reverently.  I had heard that some cloth diapering moms kind of went a little nutty, buying up every brand they could get their mitts on and dishing about how they use one type for napping and another for nights.  It wasn't until last week, when I decided I wanted a specific diaper, one with two colors (pink & green) that I ventured onto a CD forum.  I posted my query, thinking these nut jobs will surely know where I can find a basic pink and green little number, then decided to browse around the forum while I waited for a reply.  Most forums I have ever visited show traffic coming and going, but this forum was like Grand Central Station, I knew a reply would come post-haste.

I feel as though I fell ass-backward into a den of addicts.  The chatter was specific, and the acronyms hurt my brain.  There are specific "stalkers", who just like the name implies, stalk the perfect high...I mean, diaper.  I honestly have no idea how some of these women tend to their children, what with the full-on job it takes to keep up with all the diaper chatting, finding, and even selling.  The latter, presumably to help them buy even more diapers. 

Then a reply to my query!  A kindly soul had given me a link to a lady who custom makes diapers from whatever fabric you like.  SAY WHA????  You mean I can specifically ask for a print, and thus a diaper will be made?  Perfection.  The diaper I seek is for Cam's 1st birthday.  A little surprise for family and friends, so I shall say no more on that subject.  If it comes out as planned, it will be beyond cute.  Now I am done talking about it.  It's in the vault.

Anyway, I ordered the diaper.  And maybe a few more.  It wasn't quite "first one is free, dude", but it might as well have been.  I blame Bum Genius and their wares.  They had to go make cloth diapering so functional and easy.  With cute colors.  It drove me into wanting more.  More in the way of prints, color combinations.  My "stash" now feels woefully incomplete and blah.  All I have are plain old colors, the same old diapers I look at every day, scrubbing and scrubbing.  Over the weekend I spent a fair amount of time (okay, all of my time when Cam was asleep) searching for diapers that would equal BG in quality, but rival them in style. 

I AM those nut jobs.  Pretty sure the money we save on buying disposables is now funneled into my new habit, or hobby, whatever Judgy McJudgerson.  Come February 9th, well, you'll just have to stay tuned to see.  Cuteness unrivaled.


  1. Hey, just saw your blog link on adoption.com :) I've been CDing for almost 3 years, though I'm a little worse at it lately. My older son, age 5 and still in diapers at night, has gone through maybe a grand total of like 18 cloth diapers in 3 years that I just keep washing and reusing. My younger son.... yeah, I got kinda nutty and experimental and all "hey, that's cute!" and "wow, I think that's a good price for... whatever that is!" So I'm being all good Samaritan now and trying to loan them out at least. And for the record, I started with Fuzzi Bunz and I've now ended up with Fuzzi Bunz. I did try the whole "this one for nap, this one for bedtime, this one for running around the house, blah blah blah" but, uh, I well I like simplicity.

    (but we're now waiting for our 3rd kid through adoption and if we happen to get a girl I will be in desperate need of cute girly prints.....) :)

  2. Thanks for commenting! I just happened to pop on over to post. I was actually browsing more cloth diapers online when I decided to take a break. So, I definitely now have the bug. lol I started out with G-Diapers, but could never get the "seal" right and she always leaked through. She was an itty-bitty thing then though. I loved the idea of their diapers, and they had great colors and some cool prints too. I am very impatiently waiting for my custom made diapers to come, it's only been a week though. Stay tuned, I will post about them when they get here. :)

    Congratulations on waiting for number three! We are on the fence about number two. Decisions, decisions.