Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I only got up to get a drink of water.

I suppose this would be a text-book case of ADHD in an adult.  I put Cam down for a nap, did a little cleaning and hopped on the computer to relax.  I got thirsty for more water, plus I had noticed the humidifier was empty.  Two birds, one stone.  Got distracted going 5 feet from the sofa to the humidifier, ended up scrubbing a diaper in the bathroom.  Went back, grabbed the humidifier, headed 20 feet to the kitchen, while inspecting the cap to the resevoir.  My OCD brain spots a speck of what looks like mold.  Get to the kitchen give the resevoir a sniff, and decide Clorox was called for.  I start scrubbing the cap, fill the resevoir with water and some Clorox to sit, and thought "maybe I should clean the humidifier unit too.  Go back into the living room, pick up toys on the way.  Start to unplug the humidifier and realize there is a LOT of dust behind the toy rack and TV stand.  Grab the vacuum and clean that area, and realize while i have the vacuum out, I might as well do the living room...BUT...I am now torn.  Finish de-funking the humidifier, or clean floors???

Humidifier wins out (ADHD meds must be working, because that could have really flummoxed me), so the unit and I head back to the kitchen.  As I am cleaning the base out, I decide to wipe the whole unit down.  That is when I spy the blackest, nastiest glob of goo staring back at me from the HOLE WHERE THE HUMIDITY COMES OUT.  Did I ever mention, I have a thing about germs?  Not the clinical OCD, but REALLY get freaked by them.  Grab the Clorox and start spraying so much that I start coughing.  Realize that there is a little trap door on the unit, and when I open it up...

Sweet Gay Jesus, the horror. I very nearly retched, but held it together enough to nearly empty the Clorox container on it.  It was a tangled mess of black, gooey matter.  Just typing that sent shivers down my spine.  Grab my trusty toothbrush I keep in the holder just for purposes like this (never know when you will need to get in tiny crevices) and scrub my heart out. Freak out that some of it is not coming off the trap door, so I put it in the dishwasher and hit "sanitize".  A little piece of me dies when I  think how awesome it would be to put whole thing in there, but can't because of the cord.  A missed opportunity for a thorough and complete sanitization.

I finally concede it's as clean as it will get, so I stop scrubbing, but can't just let it sit there while the trap door is getting super-clean, so I spray it all down with more Clorox and let it sit.  Mold, you will die.  Satisfied, I head back to the sofa, sit back down, reach for my water.  Yup, empty cup.  And this is me medicated.

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