Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A partridge in a pear tree?

Today I took Cam to the doctor, because she has had a hacking cough that resembles an old lady with a three-day-a-pack habit.  My mom intuition was rewarded with one ear infection and a pat on the back for keeping the nose drippy (which is causing the cough) and not all snotty and congested.

I took her to the practice we have been seeing since a few days after we brought her home.  I am not in love with the practice, for which I will only name one thing I have a gripe against: the doc NEVER remembers that Cam is a girl.  Never.

I took her there today because the new practice is a 30 minute drive, and I am essentially lazy.  But today, I was pleasantly surprised at how fast we got in for a sick call and the gentle nature of the on-call doc.  Loved him.

Cam, however, did not.  After winning her affections by playing a game with the stethoscope, he then had me hold her down (which she oddly submitted to) so he could dig out a piece of wax from her ear.  Campbell is dramatic, I'd say, but this kid screamed the scream of her ear drum being butchered, to which the old guy smartly said "Plan B.  Ear wash."

Cam continued to holler and gasp for breath, soaking my shirt, for the next 10 minutes.  As soon as that door shut behind him, she cut the waterworks and smiled at me.  Heh.

Off to the pharmacy, did a little lunch date with my BFF, and then home for a nap.  While we were out Rob took Dixon to the vet for a strange, and worrisome growth on his paw pad.  Turns out, it a flippin' wart.  Who the hell has ever heard of a wart on a dog?  Exactly.

The remedy?  The vet asks Rob if it would be feasable to soak Dixon's paw in Epsom salts each night.  To which my dear husband says "I'll check with my wife."  WTF?  A pedi for the Pug?

Back to the pharmacy.  Same guy on duty, asks if I forgot anything.  Nope, back for more this time for me and the dog.  The dog's script cost more (antibiotics for him, sleeping meds for me  ;)  )

As I returned home I though about the last month.  Rob and I both had awful stomach bugs this week (still feeling wobbly).  Cam and her ear infection.  Three cats with worms (all good on that front now).  Zelda Pug has scratched her eye for the 3,274th time.  And now Dixon with his wart-paw.

Would sir require a foot bath this evening?

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  1. Oh My God I hate that too. Your daughter is cute. Our daughter (10 now) had a friend Cameron a few years ago but she moved away since then, and Cameron was a girl.

    Our 10 year old sees a child psychiatrist for ADHD and Anxiety disorder. The psychiatrist is Asian, but don't think it has anything to do with that, but obviously she clearly knows our 10 year old is a GIRL, will say he and him when talking about HER. We gave up saying 'her' multiple times. It's like 'Hello????' lol