Sunday, December 4, 2011

It could be at a CVS near you soon.

Cam has had a hacking cough and runny nose for over a week now.  You'd think this next statement would be unrelated, but you will see.  The kid also has an unusual palate.  She LOVES wasabi peas.  The more they burn her nose, the more she comes running back for more.

Cam knows where we keep the peas, and kept walking over to the cabinet.  The cabinet which is devoted to Rob and my snacks.  Okay, junk food.  So she would walk over and grunt.  Seeing as how she has never had a Twinkie, or Raisinettes, or Sweetarts, I grabbed the peas.  She nodded solemnly.

Since eating her weight in those peas this afternoon, that cough has subsided.  Anecdotal evidence?  You betcha.

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