Saturday, December 17, 2011

Never alone.

Having insomnia is a bitch.  I take meds for it, which make sleeping easier, but make getting up and out of the rack in the morning an awful pain in the ass.  Saturday mornings I have an AA meeting that I love, my "home group" if you will.  I haven't been for a few weeks because of, well, dragging my carcass out of bed seems to be a bit harder on Saturday mornings when I know Rob and Cam will be up and out of the house.

So glad I got up and went to that meeting.  In four and a half years, a lot of the same faces are there week after week.  Even though I am terrible about small talk, and have yet to get a sponsor, seeing those same people is very comforting.  A man celebrated his first year of sobriety today by sharing his experience, strength, and hope. So many people spoke up to tell him how much they admire his courage and that he is an inspiration.

Then someone shared that they go to a meeting down in Florida that has a big sign over the door: "You Are Never Alone Here".  It's true.  The place I most feel comfortable is in an AA meeting.  People genuinely CARE about me there.  They care about all of us.  And no matter how shitty I feel on any given day, when I sit in that meeting, or any meeting, I feel a sense of peace and serenity that only comes from feeling not alone. Someone then remarked how they heard once that an AA meeting is one of the only places they have walked into a room full of strangers and were able to reminisce.

If I could wish anything for people in 2012 it is that they have that same sense of peace and serenity that I get an hour at a time in those meetings.  

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  1. Congratulations on your sobriety. How long have you been sober? Did your past of being an alcoholic cause any trouble while trying to adopt your daughter?