Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm still blaming the chicken.

Yesterday both Rob and I were hit hard with a stomach bug.  As is both the upper and bottom systems were firing at the same time, and only death could remedy it.  Seeing as how Cam was her normal cheerful, energetic self yesterday morning, both Rob and I blamed the chicken wings we had for dinner the night before.

Then today I found out that a smattering of kids form my mommas group have been sick too...no other adults though.  I honestly didn't think 40 somethings could get this sick from a bug, that our systems had worked it all out when we were kids.

Today is better, but my energy is non existent and I am wary of all foods.  Rob on the other hand, has figured that since he stopped puking, a greasy gyro would be the best first meal.  Me thinks he will live to regret that choice, especially after I tell him that my mommas group friends told me the bug took about 4 days to pack up and leave.

It will be a cold day in hell before I eat chicken wings again though.  Even if they had nothing to do with it, they were not all that pleasant the second time around.

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