Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Never thought I'd look so forward to a Wednesday.

Wednesday is Bingo night.  My bestest girlfriend and I go to an early dinner and then hit the Bingo hall at the local synagogue.  Most weeks I look forward to Wednesday, but today I cannot even wait for 1700 to get here.

Early into our Bingo adventures, I sat at the table by myself as my friend got snacks.  The lady next to me started chatting me up, which is a rarity at Bingo.  Normally banter is saved for muttering obscenities at the caller or loud complaining about someone calling bingo without actually having it.  This being my only Bingo hall experience, I am under the impression that bingo ladies (and some gents) are an angry, hateful lot.

Anyway, this lady starts telling me how she told her family (much earlier in the day) that she was going out to the store for a few things.  And never went back.  A good 8 hours had to have passed between her declaration and her sitting there arranging her bingo cards.  She had a wry smile on her face, and didn't look at all bothered that they may be worried.

I may be that lady today.

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