Friday, June 10, 2011

A 12 Step program for this?

In the last year or so I have managed to find a new addiction, but one that may bring me riches.  No, I haven't started playing the ponies or riding with the old folks to Atlantic City.  I enter at least one survey/sweepstakes a day.  It started off when Target came to town.  It's a brand-new, most fabulous Target.  Best one I have ever been to, and I love it almost as much as I love the new Whole Foods. 

I must have been cleaning out my purse or diaper bag when I grabbed an old receipt and saw "Win a $5000 GiftCard" printed on the front.  Since then I have religiously brought my receipts home and entered the User ID they give me and let them know how they are doing.  I am a little peeved I have not been awarded my $5000 GiftCard yet.  I figure now, I am so "invested" that I have to keep doing it...the odds get better each time I do it.  Now I look at all of my receipts, and a lot of them have these surveys.  Bonus!

What made me recognize my "habit" was standing in line at the in-store Starbucks and saw a receipt from the person that went before me still sitting on the register.  Just as the barista (I feel so foolish saying that word) was about to chuck it, I squealed and said something so high-pitched she tilted her head to the side and slowly handed me the receipt.  I stood their clutching that extra receipt as if it were the Golden Ticket. Then I saw the look on Cam's face, the one that goes with her furrowed brow...."what's so interesting??". 

That baby ruined my moment of unfettered glee by reminding me how crazy I am.

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