Thursday, April 14, 2011

He brings chocolate eggs too?

I always hated mascots.  Santa scared the shit out of me as a kid.  I've avoided them like the plague, until now.  Until Cam. 

The Easter Bunny set up his wares and photo shop at the mall a few weeks ago.  I got excited.  That Bunny freaks me out, but I gamely put my kid on it's knee.  I couldn't even look at it as I was convincing Cam that she was fine, the Bunny was cool.  The lady who was taking the photos earned her money, because she captured a smile that last 1/60th of a second.  For the most part Cam had that "Cam look" she always gets when a camera is pulled out.  You can go back and see it in the Santa picture.  A slack-jawed "huh?" look. 

I find it interesting that while I get skeeved out from the Bunny (and his animated brethren), I follow the herd, and make my kid sit on it's lap.  "It's tradition Cam, it's what Americans do...NOW SMILE!!!!!"

Had the kid screamed her head off, I would have bought two sets of pictures...cute smile and terrified anger.

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  1. oh congrats! Beautiful picture....I just wrote about our experience today with the dang bunny...our picture turned out a wee bit different LOL. Cam is a DOLL how can you stand it????? :)