Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I want my sweet baby back. Ribs. Mmmm, baby back ribs.

I wasn't aware that hormones hot the toddler set like they do the teens.  Had I been, I might not be in the world of hurt I am in right now.

Cam's general demeanor lately is awful.  AWFUL.  The whining is what will do me in, but let's not forget: the screaming; the flailing; the smacking; the throwing herself down; and the clinginess. 

Three women ahead of me in line at Old Navy graciously let me go ahead of them today.  Could be because I was the mother of THAT kid who whined the entire ten minute trip in the store.  Or because when I finally made it up to the line, she decided to start flailing her body around the stroller...when I went to release her, out of pure terror and shame, she threw herself down on the ground and started a scream/wail that could be heard for ten miles.  Which is exactly when my stroller flipped over because of the shift of weight.  Goodbye venti decaf mocha frappucino.  :(  I struggled to upright the stroller as a sweet woman helped, and Cam sat looking aggrieved.  That is when all three women were all "no, please YOU go ahead!!!"

It couldn't be because I had that look in my eye, and had just finished muttering: "newly minted toddler, can go home with the lowest bidder." 

This had better be a two-nap day.

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  1. I"m sorry but this post sent me into gales of laughter...seriously. But I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with relief. Well you know what I have posted in cyberspace so when I say I'm glad to know I'm "not the only one" you know I mean it.for.real!

    On that note, I know how it feels to be utterly annoyed, irritated, and wondering where your sweet child is hiding so go lock yourself in the bathroom take a long bath and pamper yourself all the while saying to yourself "one day at a time, this too shall pass"