Sunday, March 20, 2011

I always heard it was a thankless job.

I've been told I am lucky that it took so long to happen.  Had Cam sitting on my lap after her bath. Just gotten her onesie on over her head, and was getting a second arm in, when I kind of lifted one little butt cheek off my lap. Must have been the cold air...


A statement on my parenting today?  Not sure, but being shit on sure is an illustrative way of communicating.


  1. LOL.....I take it you're not a fan of putting on a diaper immediately? LOL...I love your writing! You make my freakin' day

  2. Sometimes a bum just needs to air out, ya know? Rob is terrified she will pee. Now he wastes NO time getting her into a diaper when he bathes her. I mean, we fostered Pugs, they pee'd everywhere...yet he's afraid of baby pee? Sheesh.