Saturday, February 19, 2011

Too many times to count.

I am a loser.  Again.  I tried donating blood yet again today, only to be turned away fro low iron.  AGAIN.  In the last week I made it my business to eat as much red meat as possible, ate enough spinach last night to make Popeye jealous, and have been down Raisinettes, all in vain.  Not sure why my blood has decided to betray me, but I am growing increasingly frustrated. Come Monday morning I will be ringing up my General Practitioner to find out what is wrong with me.

I normally have such a love/hate relationship with the American Red Cross, I love what they do, but usually find their screeners and vampires to be lacking in the social skills set.  Today was different though.  The young woman who screened me was very friendly, and felt bad that I couldn't donate.  Empathy, thy name is not usually Red Cross worker!  So I gave them a shout out by contacting the coordinator to let them know how helpful and nice she was. 

Since I am a tip-toe away from turning 40, I have started writing all sorts of letters to people:  hospital administrators, senators & congressmen, editor at our hometown newspaper, etc.  I may have to re-think what age I am turning, I may be becoming an angry 75 year old man.  ;)  Anyway, it occurred to me that always writing complaints was focusing a little too much on the negative, even if they were polished and professional, so I am going to start writing letters that acknowledge good service and the like. 

So if I cannot donate my honorable veteran O- blood, at least I will be giving something positive back to my community. 


  1. I tried to donate blood a few times and had the same problem. And I wrote a letter to a frozen yogurt shop to point out some exceptional customer service! Someone at my local blood bank (who was very pushy and more like a sales person) told me to eat Total cereal to get my iron up.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I will be devoting myself to iron rich foods. THEY WILL TAKE MY BLOOD!

  3. FWIW you're totally not a loser! Blood is tricky and so finicky as well as there are few times where "we" can't donate. I remember trying to donate but couldn't for a LONG time due to the fact of all the shots I had to take to go oversees to a foreign country.

    It is frustrating, but you are taking great steps to try and get it done!

  4. Thanks Dannie. :) My great step tonight was half a bag of pistachios and a gut full of Rasinetes, lol.