Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cam is ONE!!!

Today our beautiful, funny, feisty baby girl is a year old.  This past year has flown by in a way that is hard for me to fathom.  Every day this kid does something that makes me smile, laugh, shake my head in amazement, and puts a tear in my eye.  She's been healthy, and has met almost all milestones on time, or more often than not, early.  It was her first milestone, smiling, that caused me some grief and panic.  Cam didn't give a hint of a smile for what seemed like an eternity, but now thinking back, I cannot remember how long it took.  It wasn't long after what the books say is "normal", but like the new mother I was, I thought her not smiling was some huge issue.

My baby girl is walking now.  After months and months of cruising the furniture she let go and has been a walking machine since.  She loves to bounce, "dance", bop her head to the music, clap, and wiggle.  She is not crazy about stairs, and will not climb anything.  She had one run-in with the stairs, and that was enough for her.  Cam loves to brush her teeth, and will hold her head still and open wide for me to brush, as long as I let her take the brush when I am done.  She clearly understands simple commands, and loves our Pugs and cats.  She squeals with delight when she sees Zelda (female Pug), and is learning what "gentle" means.

Cam has, generally, a very sweet nature.  She smiles brightly and loves to engage those around her.  When thwarted or frustrated, she will let us know FAST, but will calm down very quickly when soothed.  To me, this means she knows what she likes, and what she doesn't, but will accommodate accordingly.

I love this little baby girl more than I ever thought was possible.  It's corny and it's predictable: this child changed my life for the better, in every way.  She is the Cat's Pajamas, the Bees Knees.  I hope I am a good mother to her, and that she always knows she is loved beyond measure and that no matter what, she will always be my little Babycakes.

Happy birthday Cam!


  1. Happy happy birthday to Cam! xoxo

  2. She's adorable and I loved the descriptions....sounds like a happy and healthy toddler to me :) congrats mom and Cam....enjoy every day :)

  3. Thank you ladies! What an amazing year...still can't believe my baby is now a toddler!! And if time goes this fast in my late 30's, what the hell will it be like when I am in my sixties? EGAD!