Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to School

I decided to go back to school in the summer of 2009. I had been laid off in March of the same year, and was thumbing through a community college schedule when one of the programs caught my eye. I'd always wanted to go back to school, I already had a B.A., but nothing was that interesting to me to start on a masters. My G.I. Bill was going to run out in 2012, so I was always keeping my head on the swivel, looking for something engaging.

Turns out addictions counseling spoke to me from the catalog. So, I started on a certificate program, while "looking" for a job. I had some pretty good professors and some of the material was new to me, but having been in the Navy and in the workplace in general for 20 years, a lot of the course work was just plain boring, but I needed it to get that cert. My plan was to get the cert, get a job, and start grad school. I was going to apply for the fall 2010 program, and just keep the momentum going. You know what they say about making plans.

Also in the summer of 2009, my husband and I decided we were going to adopt a baby. So while going to school, looking for a job, I was also doing a crap load of paperwork for a home study for our adoption agency. Having passed the home study, we went into the waiting pool in December of 2009, and were told a one to three year wait.

In the middle of my second semester (of five classes and an internship) we were placed with our daughter. Not two months after we went into the waiting pool. Not sure what happened in the months that followed, because I was a sleep-deprived mess. But I finished that god-damned certificate, and was looking forward to applying to grad school. Having missed the March deadline for fall acceptance, I would now have to wait til spring 2011. Oh well. Cam is worth we took the summer to bum around, following her little infant schedule.

August rolled around, and I started perusing my grad school's website, and to my utter shock and disbelief I have to take yet another class, Developmental Psych. I tried asking the nice lady in admissions I already took regular psych, and shouldn't my twenty years post B.A. get me out of this bullshit class? Nope.

So here I sit, in a 200 level Developmental Psychology class three days a week, smarting. I tried giving it the benefit of the doubt, but each day I struggle to stay calm, as the professor, a doctor no less, completely makes up her own shit. She doesn't like the word "scheme", says it's an ugly word, and proceeds to tell the class to pronounce it "sheem". Or that a negative consequence of children not attaching to their parents is homosexuality. Each day a new gem. Perhaps I will post them.

For now, I had better download my take home exam. Take. Home. Because I only have one week to do it. All 25 questions. Take home exam, with a one week turn around. Pretty sure that any college professor I had 20 years ago would have laughed in my face if I suggested a take home quiz, let alone exam. I weep for the future.

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