Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Parents of the Year award goes to....

Well, it doesn't go to us.

Today, within five minutes of meeting Cam's new speech therapist, I undermined what I thought was an air of superior parenting.  You see, Cam was busy digging through her new play drawers, drawers that at one time belonged to my massive wood TV stand.  My bachelor furniture, if you will.  It has nice, deep drawers that housed 100's of DVD's and CD's.  A few weeks ago I though it would be better used as a sort of toy chest, instead of the dreadful plastic bins I had been using.

Today we were getting acquainted with the speech therapist, and Cam was digging through her new drawer full of plastic jewelry, I noticed some had slipped behind the drawer.  I fished out a few bracelets I hadn't seen in a week or so, and then I grabbed hold of something small, almost credit card sized.  As I pulled it out to examine it, I realized, "Oh shit. Fuck me."

Sitting in my hand, was a pack of rolling papers.  I kind of chuckled and said "another life".  The therapist wouldn't meet my gaze.  I figure she must not have had the kind of recreational, relaxing nights I did.

All I can really say is it really was (what seems to me) a lifetime ago, and at least it wasn't the kind bud itself.  


  1. LOL sorry that was funny. Back in the day when I used to go to people's homes....I would get embarrassed easily. Now I think I would have laughed and asked for you to give me one...JUST KIDDING PEOPLE JUST KIDDING.

  2. BWAHAHA! Excellent, Dannie. You just cracked me up. I would love to have been a fly in her brain. Rob found the whole thing funny. Wonder how funny he thinks it would be to squirrel those papers away until he has a big meeting at work....and OOPS! they fall out of his lap top. Heh.