Thursday, July 7, 2011

The payoff.

It's been a rough month.  I am physically and mentally exhausted.  I would give my left arm for a week completely alone at a nice spa.  I might even throw in a couple fingers from my right hand.

To get Cam settled for her nap today, we have a seat in "The Chair", I grab her blanket, "Wubs" , and "Stanley" ( a Black Lab head with blankey body) and read some books.  I feel like I am sitting on a wad of something, turns out to be Stanley.  I pick him up and say "Hey Stan!" and give him a peck on the I have been doing for months upon months.  Cam snatches him from me and gives him her best baby kiss.  Her first kiss.  Then looks at me and smiles broadly, and snuggles Stan up under her chin and then grunted at me to keep reading.

My heart nearly exploded in delight.

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