Monday, January 2, 2012

Really? It's funny to you?

I log onto Facebook and see the above, posted by my sister.

Yeah.  My blood is boiling.

I can honestly say she is someone I love dearly.  In reality, she is my step-sister, but I have always known her, never remember meeting her.  She's my sister.  I don't delineate between my step siblings and blood sibling.

So when I logged on and saw this my blood ran cold, and had to gather myself before I responded.  Her title?  "TOTALLY CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!!"

My reply: "Because adoption is a bad thing?  Not funny."

Hours later she posted back: "Now you know I didn't mean it that way!!  I think adoption is's the brother/sister picking that cracked me up!"

My reply: "It implies adoption is bad, so it's still not funny.  If I found a funny picture of an issue near and dear to your heart, would you still think it's funny?  Cam's place in this family, through adoption, shouldn't be a joke."

My heart is pounding like crazy.  I know my sister meant no harm, because she truly doesn't think before she speaks.  It just hurt my feelings, but now I am just furious.  


  1. I am still pissed. She removed it from her page, but never said another word about it. :(

  2. I had the same cringe when I saw it posted on my wall as well :p

  3. I agree, that makes me mad, too. Very not funny...Just discovered your blog and will be following!